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Houston DJ & Philanthropist

Stop Hesitating, Experience Joyous & Amazing Moments

DJ, & Producer hailing from Louisiana (by way of Houston, TX) SHEJAM provides an eclectic "journey into sound".  With diverse ears, skilled turntable manners and immense love for the art, SHEJAM is music’s own heroic “Wonder Woman”.

SHEJAM has made her way into the DJ community creating a brand and sound-style of her own. Beyond just mixing, she provides a nostalgic experience. Curating such sounds as Top 40, EDM, R&B, Hip Hop, Blues, Rock, Pop, Oldies... SheJam!


When not curating and creating vibes, SHEJAM produces and facilitates quality creative projects. Currently, she is on a creative endeavor with hip hop artist B.O.F. Shoney.


Alongside DJ & Producer,  SHEJAM is an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Her goal is to inspire, encourage and motivate humanity.  S.H.E.J.A.M "Stop Hesitating,  Experience Joyous Amazing Moments!",  is more than a DJ alias, it's a way of life!


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